Become a Partner

Our Industry Partners make SheTech a very unique program.  SheTech bridges STEM career awareness and connects girls directly with industry mentorship.  In 2018, we had over 450 industry mentors that supported our program!  Thanks to our Industry Partners, we are able to reach thousands of girls to promote STEM career awareness and pathways.  Here are ways you can get involved as an Industry Partner:


  • Contribute to SheTech Explorer Day success by helping with operational funding.  Our SheTech sponsors receive a lot of visibility and benefits, in addition to supporting our STEM talent pipeline.
  • Provide interactive STEM workshops or TechZone Booths.  Show girls what it is really like to work in your industry.
  • Mentor TechChallenge student teams in solving a real-world STEM problem.  Mentors guide students to use valuable problem-solving skills that will benefit them in their careers.
  • Provide high school and post-high school internships that we can promote to SheTech participants.  Providing work-based learning experiences that get girls into industry settings is a critical step to helping them feel confident in pursuing a STEM career.
  • List STEM scholarships that SheTech participants can apply for.


So many ways to get involved with SheTech and getting more girls into STEM education and career pathways!

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SheTech 2019 is Aptil 9th at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT