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This space showcases the work of our SheTech Media Interns, including in-depth interviews with Women Tech Finalists and insightful explorations into various technology fields. The content here offers a unique blend of personal achievement stories, industry challenges, and emerging trends in technology–all seen through the lens of SheTech and the Women Tech Council community. Read on for inspiring stories that highlight the mentorship and experiences gained through the SheTech program and exploration of STEM industries.

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Upscaling Talent: Tami Fisher’s Nontraditional Career from Retail Banking to Goverance and Technology

03/07/2024 –

Uncover the nontraditional career progression of Tami Fisher, the Senior VP Director of Technology Strategy and Governance at Zions Bancorporation, in an in-depth interview with SheTech interns. This article features Fisher’s journey from retail banking to a career shift to operations, with an interpersonal focus on upscaling talent. From the nontraditional route of a lattice career (taking different directions in a career instead of the traditional vertical career ladder), Fisher establishes the possible career approaches with the development of governance. Along with her career approach, Fisher advises on how creating a personal board of directors is key to maintaining balance and a growth mindset.
Read More to explore a nontraditional approach to building a career and implementing a talent-upscaling program to develop the growth of people.
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Embracing Change: Robin Ritch’s Journey from Tech to Empowerment

01/05/2024 –

Delve into the remarkable story of Robin Ritch, a dynamic business executive with a rich history in the technology sector. In her interview with SheTech interns, Ritch shares her journey from working at Microsoft in its formative years to holding key roles at tech giants like Intel and Cisco. Her transition to the media industry, becoming the President of Deseret News and transforming it into a national powerhouse, demonstrates her adaptable leadership and innovative thinking. Her philosophy around growth through change underpins a career marked by resilience, adaptability, and mentorship, making her a true inspiration for future leaders.
Read More to uncover valuable lessons in embracing change and pursuing growth.
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Finding Community: Kim Wittman’s path to building connection through STEM

2/23/2024 –

SheTech Media Interns interview Kim Wittman and explore her journey from growing up in a small Idaho town to becoming Senior VP of Vivint’s People and Culture team. The article delves into her philosophy of finding community and connection in all things. Kim expands on the unhealthy stereotype that women in STEM have developed and teaches STEM is more broad and creative than we often believe. Kim demonstrates the virtue of resilience with personal experiences of failure and change. Kim is a strong inspiration to all, especially young girls.

Read More to uncover the power community and connection can have in empowering yourself and others.

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Innovating Justice: Noella Sudbury’s Tech-Driven Mission to Clear Criminal Records

11/01/2023 –

Discover the inspiring journey of Noella Sudbury, the CEO of Rasa Legal, in an exclusive interview with SheTech interns. This article, featured on TechBuzz News, delves into Sudbury’s transformative work in the legal tech sector. As a social justice advocate turned public defender, Sudbury’s career took a pivotal turn when she joined Goldman Sachs and later became a policy influencer in Utah’s criminal law. At Rasa Legal, she’s revolutionizing the expungement process, making it accessible and affordable through innovative software. This not only aids those with criminal records but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for young women in technology.
Read More to explore this remarkable story of passion, innovation, and social change.
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Empowering Ambition: Erika Mahterian’s Journey from Finance to Tech Mentorship

11/28/2023 –

SheTech Media interns interview with Erika Mahterian, co-founder of Leland, explore the remarkable story of a leader transforming the landscape of career and educational guidance. Mahterian’s journey from founding associations at BYU to starting a nonprofit for underprivileged youth, and ultimately co-founding Leland, showcases her dedication to mentorship and community involvement. The article delves into her approachable leadership style, her personal challenges, and her empowering advice for young students.

Read More to uncover an inspiring tale of overcoming challenges and mentoring the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

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Ava Tulis and Kira Hakes are SheTech Student Board members and seniors attending Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy in Utah County. As part of their SheTech media internship for the 2023-2024 school year, Ava and Kira connect with tech leaders in Utah, including industry leaders and finalists from the Women Tech Council’s Women Tech Awards. SheTech media interns are published on TechBuzz News and active in the Silicon Slopes Community, SheTech Media Intern’s instagram, and other media channels.

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