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Our SheTech BaseCamp provides a ton of great tools and opportunities for STEM girls to continue on their path toward STEM education and careers. Check them out and launch your STEM career!

STEM education pathways

The first step is: Get Educated!  Below are some great starting point to learn more about STEM education and resources to help you get there.

  • Utah Futures: can help you be more prepared for the college & career options on your path to success.
  • Education Resources: Utah State Board of Education’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) Pathways Program is designed to help students target the skills necessary for entry into well-paid careers with high potential for rapid financial growth, increased levels of responsibility, and a high degree of personal satisfaction.  Here are three examples of their many pathways:
  • ONET: Ever wonder what that career really entails?  What does it take to get there?  ONET has a bazillion detailed career descriptions and the prerequisites you need to have to get there.  From the skills you’ll leverage daily to current job listings to get you started on your new career, ONET is a great resource to narrow down your career search.
  • STEM Study: Florida Polytechnic University has a quick STEM quiz and a ton of resources to launch your college search and career plans.  From big data and semiconductor design to college prep resources, STEM Study is a fun way to launch your search!


Stackable credentials help you build your resume by proving you’ve mastered certain technical skills.  These don’t have to be high tech either.  The Utah State Board of Education’s CTE Testing program has tons of tests you can take to show you’ve learned skills.  For example, there are 60 different tests covering Information Technology alone.There are another 30 tests covering Technology and Engineering too! So whether you’ve got mad 3D Animation or Cisco Networking skills, or Robots or architecture is more your style, certifications provide a quick and easy way to communicate on your resume to employers what you know!


Sign up for Internships

Internships are a good way to learn valuable technical skills, gain hands-on work experience, and ultimately kickstart your career in STEM!

To see what’s currently being offered, check out our Internships page.

Explore The Possibilities in Science and Technology!

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