Techzone and Workshop Rotation

How do TechZones and Workshops work?

Our basic model for SheTech Explorer Day generally looks like this:

Morning:  Workshops & Techzone

Noon: Lunch/Keynote

Afternoon: TechChallenge

A full schedule for the day usually goes as follows:

7:45AM Student Check In

8:45AM Welcome

9:25 Session 1 – workshops & TechZone

10:20 Session 2 – workshops & TechZone

11:15 Session 3 – workshops & TechZone

12:10 Lunch/Keynote

12:50 TechChallenge (whole group)

2:30  Awards/Wrap Up

As a quick reminder, here is a description of workshops, TechZone, and TechChallenge:

  • Workshops:  Girls learn in groups of 15-24 from an industry mentor about a STEM topic.  These are fun, interesting, and most importantly, interactive 45 minute workshops.
  • TechZone:  This is an exploration zone where industry companies provide booths in a large area of hands-on STEM ideas.  
  • TechChallenge:  All the attendees form teams of 10 (including an industry mentor) and solve a real-world STEM challenge.  The girls get to experience teamwork, problem-solving, and pitching their solution to industry judges.  

Rotation through Workshops and Techzone:

The 3 sessions in the morning give girls an opportunity rotate through 2 workshops and 1 TechZone slot.  So your workshop mentors should prepare to teach their workshop 3 times, with a different group of girls rotating.  Also, your TechZone mentors should prepare to have a different group of girls each hour to engage.  Our registration system is setup to help you easily manage this, no matter the size of your group.  

The pre-prepared workshop lessons are based on a 45 minute workshop lesson.  Remember the Techzone is filled with booths where the girls go around and experience short STEM learning experiences at the different booths.  The pre-prepared TechZone booth ideas are based on a 5 minute quick STEM experience.  The time will go really fast!

The budget template is based on the basic schedule above.  Workshop mentors are calculated based on number of workshops you want taught and assuming a team of 2 mentors will be teaching. (we understand that may vary).  TechZone Mentors are calculated based on number of TechZone booths and assuming a team of 2 mentors will be working at the booth interacting with the girls.  (we understand that may vary).  TechChallenge mentors are calculated based on total number of girls, assuming 9 girls at each table and 1 mentor, making teams of 10.  
As described in the mentor write-up, workshop and TechZone mentors from the morning who are willing to stay the whole day and mentor TechChallenge are more than welcome!  This can help reduce the number of overall mentors you may need for the day.