UVU SheTech Student Registration 2017

Registration Opens Jan 9th!

Course Offerings

Full Course Descriptions

Bio & Medical

  • AQUARIUMS: Not Just For Fish! (Loveland Living Planet Aquarium)
  • Biotechnology and Forensics: use of science and technology to help solve crimes. (UVU)
  • Electricity in your body (UVU)
  • It’s Your Body, What Do You Know About It? (UVU)
  • Scientist for a day! (Nelson Labs)
  • The Wonders of Exercise Science (UVU)
  • Nothing Fits Better Than a Perfect Pair of Genes (BioEyes)
  • Engineering Polymers for Medical Devices (Merit Medical)
  • Surgical Technicians: On The Cutting Edge (MATC)

Digital Awesomeness

  • Programming a Jet Pack! (Spyhop)
  • 3D Objects in Movies (Spyhop)
  • Pick Your Place in Technology (Ancestry)
  • Computing like a hacker (Coding World)
  • Trade in your toys for a career in digital media (UVU)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Dreamweaver (Adobe)
  • girl(code) (MATC)

Molecules & Materials

  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: The Chemistry of Diamonds (US Synthetics)
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Exploring Properties of Light and Color (UVU)
  • MATH + ORIGAMI: The Odds are Always in Favor of FUN (UVU)
  • Made in Your Own Backyard (UVU)
  • Exploring the wonderful, tasty world of Confectionery Science (Sweets Candy)
  • Drip, Drop, Dunk (BYU)
  • Light it Up (Thanksgiving Point)
  • UVU Chemistry (UVU)
  • The Composite Closet (MATC)
  • NuSkin Chemistry (NuSkin)

Rockets & Robots

  • 3-2-1 Blast Off (ATK)
  • Changing the World thru Robotics (Learning Thru Robotics)
  • Flight Simulation-Free to Explore the Universe (Rockwell Collins)
  • Is that Robot winking at you? (The Leonardo)
  • Lego Robotics (TBD)
  • Obstacles & Motives for Women in Engineering (Northrop Grumman)
  • Up, Up and Away (Hill Air Force Base)
  • Learn by Experimenting with Sensors on Earth and in Space (Ardusat)

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Please enter your personal details and course selections below.  Courses that have already been filled with students will not display in the drop down menus for that time slot, so try finding it at another time.  Please register for two electives and one TechZone course.  We will do our best to not alter your chosen schedule, but conflicts and classroom changes may require adjustments, which will be reflected in the final schedule you receive the day of the SheTech event.


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