Music Production, App Development / Design & Social-Viral Marketing

Make your next move viral with the right apps and resources in your tool bag. Incorporate music production (tracking, editing and mixing) with application development/design, and social media marketing savvy.

Music Production

Learn to create and edit tracks using Pro Tools

Downloading/Installing Pro Tools

1. Go to Avid – (Chrome)

2. Select Pro Tools from menu to the left of the screen. 

3. Search for “Pro Tools First” using the search feature in the top right hand corner. 

4. Locate the most recent version (2019.6). Click on the link. 

5. Follow the instructions for installation. 

Additional Links: 

• iLok –!home

App Development / Design

Learn the basics of using Adobe Photoshop to promote yourself

Download/Install Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial)

1. Go to Adobe

2. Click on the Creativity and Design Tab 

3. Select Photoshop

4. You can sign up using free trial. (After the trail, as a student, you can get a lower subscription rate) 

Social-Viral Marketing 

Learn how to market a product, business, or something for yourself using Facebook and Google

• Facebook: (Chrome)

• Facebook Ads

• Google: (Chrome)

• Google Maps

• Google Ads

• Google Business

• Additional Links: 

• Yelp


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