FinTech: A Welcome Disruption to Everyday Transactions

An introduction to the FinTech industry to include a general overview as well as Utah-specific opportunities. Provide examples of applications and products used within Progressive, and others they may use everyday like Apple Pay. Discuss the variety of career opportunities including those non-technical positions where technical knowledge is an asset to success. Let the girls walk away with a glimpse of the FinTech world and further encouragement that there are endless possibilities in which they can find their niche.

Company Description

In 1999, Progressive Leasing introduced the world to virtual lease-to-own purchase options. This easily integrated service enables stores to provide alternative lease-purchase options to consumers with less than perfect credit. Working with some of the largest retailers in the USA, Progressive Leasing has helped millions of people get the things they need with ease.


Vaishali Bhagat
Product Manager

Jenessa Probst
Sr. Project Manager

Jo Ellen Chappell
Principal Portfolio Manager