Getting Started

Getting Started

Let’s Get Started

Interested in organizing a SheTech Explorer Day in your area?  Getting started is easy.  Here we share some tips on these topics to make organizing SheTech helpful.

  1. Organizing Team
  2. SheTech Modular Structure
  3. Planning Resources

Organizing Team

SheTech explorer is an industry and education partnership.  So your team must include an industry lead and an education lead.  It is rare to find this both in a single person.  You should plan 3 to 4 months ahead and should plan on a core team of 4 people.  You should plan on weekly team meetings and regular contact with WTC to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Organizing steps include:

  • Notify us that you want to organize SheTech. Signup here:
  • Recruit your core team
  • Confirm location and date
  • Sponsor and education outreach
  • Industry mentor signups
  • Student signup
  • Execute a fun and successful SheTech Explorer Day!

Core Team Responsibilities include (can combine roles if desired):

SheTech Point of Contact (POC): Organize core team, Liaison with Women Tech Council, Track project schedule and budget, Manage event promotion overall – PR, photographer

Site Lead: Secure location and date, Manage venue logistics, meeting space, parking, lunch vendor, Coordinate event volunteers

Industry Lead:  Recruit Black Diamond, Trekker, and TechZone sponsors, Manage sponsor relationships and prizes, Get Industry mentors and TechZone companies

Education Lead:  Work with educators and parents to recruit students, Manage student registration

Content Lead: Find keynote speaker, Manage TechChallenge, TechZones, and Workshops content, Utilize WTC “out of box” resources as needed

Modular SheTech Design

SheTech has three basic content elements:

Workshops:  Girls learn in groups of 24 from an industry mentor about a STEM topic.  These are fun, interesting, and most importantly, interactive workshops.  Some examples of workshops are:

  • Nothing Fits Better Than a Perfect Pair of Genes
  • How science and technology help solve crimes
  • 3D Graffiti
  • Girl(code)
  • MATH + ORIGAMI: The Odds are Always in Favor of FUN
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: The Chemistry of Diamonds
  • Is that Robot winking at you?
  • 3-2-1 Blast Off

TechZone:  This is an exploration zone where industry companies provide booths in a large area of hands-on STEM ideas.  Some fun ideas have included

  • LED bracelets
  • Chemistry of makeup
  • Instant snow
  • 3D doodlers
  • Ozobots
  • Fog machines

TechChallenge:  All the attendees form teams of 10 (including an industry mentor) and solve a real-world STEM challenge.  The girls get to experience teamwork, problem-solving, and pitching their solution to industry judges.  What’s more fun than seeing your own ideas come to life and winning a prize for your great thinking!

You get to choose.  SheTech was specifically designed so that organizers could structure our SheTech elements based on what works best for them.  

For example, some sites may want to do a full SheTech day like this:

          TechZone/Workshops in morning (3 hours)


          TechChallenge in afternoon (2 hours)

Or some might do a half-day SheTech like this:

          TechZone for 1 hour

          TechChallenge for 2 hours

Or some organization want to “plug in” a SheTech element to a STEM event they are already doing and focus just on girls.

          Existing STEM event

          TechChallenge 2 hours after event

Either way, you get to choose how to run your own event.  We’ve also provided a number of “out of the box” resources if you choose to use them.

Planning Resources

As an organizer, you get access to basic program support from Women Tech Council, most of which will be available through this website:

  • Event planning
    • Best practices for organizing
    • Event templates and marketing documents
    • Event planning checklist
  • Event registration system
  • Budget management
  • Out of the Box content for:
    • Techzone exhibits
    • Workshop curriculum
    • TechChallenge scenarios

We also help you promote your event by providing:

  • Promotional Store for branded signage, T-shirt, swag bags, lanyards
  • Dedicated SheTech landing page for your event for promotion and visibility
  • Included in Media Programs including PR and social media distribution

Signup to become an Organizer!

Why Should You Become a SheTech Organizer?

High school girls in 9th-12th grade, get a release day from school, spend time on campus, learn about tech jobs and get access to internship and scholarship resources

Meet Industry Mentors & Connect to Internships

Join over 200 industry mentors. Learn from them, work with them on a design challenge, present to them and learn about high school internship opportunities.

Here Are a Few of the Innovative Exhibits You’ll See

Hack, design games, build a robot, experience VR, make a light up ring, dive deep into DNA, 3D printing, make smog and use a fog machine.

Robotics Lab

Attendees to this year’s SheTech event can design and build their own robots.

Genetics & DNA

Dive into our interactive and exciting introduction to the future of the field.

Virtual Reality

Play with the latest technology in this up and coming industry and discover what it takes.

Explore The Possibilities in Science and Technology!

Register for UVU is now open. Dixie and Weber open January 23. See you at SheTech 2017 to discover the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Register Now @ UVU